Using Fresh Start commercial laundry, your business can ...

  • Increase productivity and efficiency: By avoiding the cost of expensive equipment and supplies, along with maintenance and repairs, your business can focus on more critical matters like serving customers.
  • Save on cost and space: No need to allocate precious space to washers and dryers or purchase products, chemicals, machines, parts and more. 
  • Reduce the cost of labor and insurance and decrease the possibility of workers’ compensation claims.
  •  Help the environment and save utilities: Our state-of-the-art machines save water and energy.
  • Eliminate compliance concerns: Outsourcing your laundry to Fresh Start ensures your linens are cleaned according to local, federal and OSHA regulations.
  • Save money and time: We have the ability to process specialty items, customize services and provide a host of textile services on both a rental plan and customer-owned basis. 


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Director, Business Development
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